The exhibition "Kites season" deals with a post traumatic space. It observes the leftovers and traces which tell the story of the Gaza region. The project is assembled of an act at the site, installation, video, photography and ready - made, made in collaboration with the film maker David Kashtan. The summer of 2018, the tension along the Israel Gaza border has escalated into a violent confrontation. Palestinian marched towards the border fence and many were injured and killed. A new struggle strategy, developed by the Palestinians, was launching kites carrying conflagration material towards the Israeli land in order to cause burns. The outcome of their actions was an extensive, abandoned, scorched, black land. The consequences of the conflict and the way they shape our environment provides a point of departure for artists to explore the geographical region of Gaza, and develop their individual research.


In July 2018, we started a tour in the Israeli land facing Gaza border.  The site did not feel like just another burned field, but a testimony to a crime scene. We photographed, documented and collected left overs of burned ground, bones and remains of animals and thorns that survived the flames. Simultaneously they documented the exposed area in video.


In early September 2018, we returned a second time to the site and did an act by fencing a specific piece of land with metal rods and a marking tape, an act that matched to a crime scene. This act of fencing was documented in video and as well in stills, and remains there for a future visit within the first rain.  We perform an investigation

based on findings discovered on the "crime scene".  The conclusions however, are clogged and do not lead to investing the motive but concentrate on existing damages.   By tracing the investigation methods of 'officials',  we wish to observe the manners in which institutional organisations justify their own activities and the way the society repress the violence within and direct its power to other places...


2018, color print, 29.7 * 21 cm


2018, color print, 29.7 * 21 cm


2018, color print, 29.7 * 21 cm

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 21.44.47.jpg


2018, sculpture, 130 * 125 * 75 cm

מרחב שרוף.jpg

July 2018