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The items are banal, daily objects. They do not stand out with their beauty or rareness.  


Seemingly,  there is no reason to keep the one over the other, and the meaning they carry, the one that grants their uniqueness, is too privet to share.It is actually thanks to its daily usage,   that the item is able to carry intimate privet memories.  We all have that tooth brush of a former lover, the T-Shirt at the back of the closet, or a pan from a hotel -  items we simply can't let go from. They represent the past and at the same time, makes us contemplate the future. 

Their presence is a testimony for life, for relationships, love stories and breakups. memories of what has vanished and does not exist anymore.  A collection moving from one place to another, becomes a small temple of the past. 

A secular temple.


Photos: Smadar Liani

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