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CACTUS, 2014-16

This work is a part of an ongoing research, dealing with topics such as body image, vagina and the relationship between women and space.

Women are dealing with constant constant struggle, trying to path their way in the rough,  thorny masculine world. This different perspective pictures the woman as a creature from outer space or alternatively one who needs to wear masks in order to pass, and to deal with hostile space. However, when she does so, she is wondering in the blindness. The series of eight photographs presents a naked woman, walking bare-feat in a field with a disco ball, covering her head completely.  The reflective ball - mirrors the massive cacti on the background referring to the thorny road she has to go through. Second work is a video art based on the 8 photos.  The third work - 'Road' shows the same woman with the disco ball head - wondering on a suburban empty road, surrounded by typical Israeli greenery, she seems lost in space.

CACTUS 1 - 8, 2016, color print, 21 * 29.7 cm


Video art, 2016, 00:42 min


ROAD, 2014, color print, 37 * 52 cm

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