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I'm a multi-disciplinary artist and a production designer, based in Tel-Aviv. 

Graduated the Sapir Academic college (B.A in film and television) and nowadays completing my Master in policy and theory of the arts in Bezalel academy of arts and design, Jerusalem.

My biggest passion is creating an inner world with a visual expression full of emotions, colours and textures.

Art is part of my reality, a natural extension of the world I live in. I am inspired by everyday life, and deal with subjects such as gender, womanhood, body image, sexuality and boundaries.

In my works, space is an important element. I create an interactive relationship between the form and the space in which it exists, and study the relationship between the body and space.

I use photography, video and installation. I integrate them in order to create multi layered art – the weight of the work, sometimes the meaning of the piece, comes from the combination of techniques more than the story or narrative that set the piece in motion.
In addition, I concentrate on fragmentation of videos and photographs and integrating them into a piece. 

The dissolving boundaries between the different media, represent emotional and mental transformations. This usage of mixed media serves the content of my works.

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