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I am Netta Dror.

I'm a multi-disciplinary artist and a production designer, based in Tel-Aviv. 

Graduated the Sapir Academic College (B.A in film and television) and nowadays completing my Master in policy and theory of the arts in Bezalel academy of arts and design, Jerusalem.


I  work with photography,  video,  installation and  ready-made. The main ongoing projects I am currently developing: 

COLLECTION’ An archival work involving the gathering and cataloging of

a ready-made objects belonging to me and my family, 

‘THE KITE SEASON’ deals with the Gaza conflict, through site specific installation and usage of object collected at the site,

‘BUSH’ (working title) focus on body image and pubic hair.   


Tel +972 (0) 54 256 5695

Studio: 6 Hatnufa Street, Tel Aviv

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